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Since LJ's demise seems imminent...

I've got a new personal journal over there, too, to replace/back up the LJ one I haven't posted in for well over a year. Despite my lack of chattiness on LJ in recent months, everyone who really matters to me (other than the Mr.) is someone I met on LJ, so the idea that LJ as I have known it could and very likely will disappear is pretty sad. Even if LJ is technically still available, I'm inclined to move on.

When I first signed up, LJ provided community and support at a time when I really needed it. It's very dramatic to say so, but I do really think that LJ (and my reasons for being on it in the first place) saved my life, which I am currently in the mood to consider a good thing. However, despite this, my comfort level with posting anything of even moderate significance is almost nil, which certainly has something to do with my lack of activity in any of my various accounts over this last year.

To tell the truth, it's only over the last couple of days that I've paid any attention at all to what Sup's been doing with the service. I was last a daily poster around the time that Six Apart bought LJ, and I reserve the bulk of my loathing for them. Sup is just pursuing the same trajectory that 6A aimed for (and missed), i.e., to turn LJ into MySpace II. I'm also finding it difficult to feel sorry for some of the people let go, since I argued with just about everyone on the design team about the stupid, unwanted, unattractive changes that were being made practically on a daily basis at that time.

I never bought a permanent account, and I'm very glad I didn't.

In irritants-related news, it has always driven me a little bit further towards insane to note that the LJ spellchecker doesn't recognize "LJ" as legitimate usage. Huh. But it apparently recognizes "Sup" and "6A." Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.
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