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[Error: unknown template qotd]Bad drivers. People who talk on the phone and/or eat and/or fiddle around with stuff in the passenger seat and/or turn around to talk to their kids in the back while they're meant to be paying attention to the task of piloting a ton of metal and flammable liquids across an unforgiving surface at high speed. People who don't use their turn signals because they're either lazy or doing one of those other things mentioned above. People who drive 20 mph, then 70 mph, then 20 mph, then 70 mph, and then go 90 mph when you try to pass them. People who don't understand what to do at a 4-way stop and either barrel through out of turn, or insist on waving everyone from the other three points through because they have no idea when their turn is supposed to be. Basically, anyone doing anything stupid in or with a vehicle, which is often everyone on the road but me. I am a perfect driver, of course, except I do like to speed - often simply to get away from the other drivers.

The state we live in has no requirements that people take any sort of driver's ed classes, and it's very obvious when out on the road. My best friend has always been an inattentive driver, but now that she has a kid, I'm actually afraid to drive with her because she tends to put the emphasis on parenting when she's behind the wheel.

Lazy idiots.  Here's an example.  At least she admits that her only reason for registering is to get someone to make her something. Would it kill these people to, I don't know, say "hello" before asking for things? I was raised by wolves and sometimes run roughshod over the more delicate of the social graces, but I can't imagine ever thinking it was acceptable to wander into strangers' houses and ask them to do me favors.


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