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I've always loved tansu chests, and even though this is a heap of different chests and not the more usual single stair-step chest, I have seen it done this way in photographs, too. If you know anything about tansu, I've taken some gross liberties here, but it looks good (IMO). I made a zillion (10, actually) OMSPs for the various levels and the insides of a few of the boxes, as demonstrated by my ugly spokesmodels.

Last time I had the stairs in a game configuration that had Sims in it, they were able to use the stairs normally, though the animations don't quite match up with the irregular step placements. It's actually not terribly noticeable unless, I suppose, you were making a movie or screenshots and needed it to be perfect. It's good enough for my purposes, at any rate.

 I've also been working on a sofa based on a Paul Frankl design. You've probably seen it before if you have ever been remotely interested in anything related to Art Deco. The Sims version, like the original, is a bench-style sofa with matching endtables that sit flush against the couch on either end. It took me way too long to finally realize that the texture issues I was having with the sofa were related to the Zecutime sofa that I cloned to make it. I switched to the ugly Art Nouveau sofa and it works great, except now I have to adjust the base chrome texture to line up with the endtables.

To avoid crashing, I loaded up the game with just my meshes, so I couldn't actually do much of a room arrangement. I put random clutter on the end table to test the OMSPs I made. I'm also working on an art supply set - the paint cans, the brushes, the paint tubes, and a bunch of canvases that managed to not get into the screenshots. The canvases I've made so far are a trio in 11 (!!!) different configurations. If there is any particular size or arrangement of canvases that anyone might like, I'd be interested in suggestions - when there are limitless possibilities, I have a hard time picking any.

I always liked the wooden art box that Beosboxboy made, but I didn't like that it was so clean, and that it was closed. I made a very similar version, but both open and closed, and lower poly, and I'm planning on grunging up the texture to a very, very large extent. The paint cans are in two sizes and the brushes come in horizontal versions and three different upright bundles that can be stuck in the cans or the open box, or wherever else you/your sims like to stick things. Paint tubes are also in various clumps.

I made stuff for the Elders Challenge, but the thing I really, really wanted to upload is not cooperating due to mysterious alpha/transparency issues. I'm going to fiddle with it a bit more and either it will work or I'll give up and just upload these pill bottles...

...and the walker. These are not for cool elders. These are for elderly elders.

It took me forever to realize that the tennis balls I see on people's walkers are to make it easier to slide the thing across the floor, and probably also to keep the rubber feet from marking up the heavily waxed floors in nursing home hallways. It's the sort of detail I find depressing-ish but also sort of funny in an awful way.

Lastly, I really like the idea of the photo string in one of CherryND's sets, but it's beyond lame that it's not recolorable. So I made my own.

Photos are of my favorite male model. He's...a little different. Redheaded men are rare, and pretty ones are rarer still, and that there's one out there that likes to dress in girl's clothes or no clothes at all and seems to be a hugely cheerful slut just makes me HAPPY.
Anyway, so that's what I've been doing. Go, me. Now I have to go buy dogfood before the store closes...
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