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I had the flu, and now I'm stuck with this awful hacking cough that doubles me over. And over. And over again. The Mr. is out of town, and the lack of, um, adult supervision plus the illness lag have had me living a few days completely disconnected from anything like a schedule except for when the dogs wake me up (at 6:30, 9:30, and 11:00, if I'm still asleep then) to go outside to pee and/or bark for no discernible reason. I'm still in my same pajamas as I was when I got up. I spent way too long today fiddling with meshes and made a zillion of them.

Please forgive the sloppy editing of the blue Milkshape background. I promise the meshes don't have fuzzy edges.

(FYI, the sketch sim is one of Mouseyblue's pretty eye models scuffed up and faux sketched in photoshop.)

Those of you who wanted a graphics tablet...which one? My tablet, which I've never used anyway, is several years old and thus does not make a good model.

In progress at the moment: watercolor box, smaller paint tubes (I was going to reposition them, but I might just make the first batch smaller and call it good), pastels/chalk in boxes and scattered around, paper pads/sketchbooks, and scissors, because I love scissors and there still aren't any good ones in game (that I know about, anyway).

I'm going to probably try to put together a bedroom set based on the red cabinet I posted the other day. Someone thought it might be meant to be a vanity because of the peculiar drawer and, while I don't think that's the case with the actual piece of furniture, it would look cute with a mirror stuck on it in game.
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