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It's absolutely unheard-of for me to post in a journal that I have not yet bower-birded with frills and furbelows, or at least personalized with a rudimentary setting of custom colors, but since I don't seem to have the time or the inclination to make atmospherics a priority above all the other projects I've given myself, I'm just gritting my teeth and making do with the default white-orange-blue. It is reminiscent of both the tiger-themed cereal boxes and gas stations of my childhood, but the lack of an actual tiger makes the connection a bit far-fetched.

Where was I? Yes, right. New soapbox, same soap I've been shilling all along. I've transferred the nixypixel LJ here as a backup and will probably do the same with at least the more personal of my older LJs. I am relieved to see that transferring entries doesn't flood one's reading page with "new" entries that are years old - I doubted this would happen, but it would have been mortifying to assume and be very, very wrong.

I wish I didn't feel my chattiest when I'm typing one-fingered on the tiny ipod screen. The need to say something, anything, decreases in proportion to the ease in saying it.

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Date: 2009-05-05 07:36 pm (UTC)
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I tried footering about with the layout, but it was just so damn annoying. Luckily, Anyer linked me to this - - which will tide me over till I make something more personal.


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