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Today's recipe for drunk:
2 shots Bombay Sapphire
1/2 shot St. Germain
tonic water & ice

As I am an extreme lightweight these days, it's likely I will not finish the drink. However, it is deliciously botanical and biting - for those who are not dilettante drinkers and do not like pretty bottles more than they actually like alcohol, Bombay is gin and St. Germain is elderflower liqueur. This is an approximation of a drink I had in San Francisco that had some sort of additional citrusy thing in it - which I cannot remember because I am indeed a lightweight these days and a single drink made me very tipsy. Tipsy is fun, because when I end up in front of a mirror in the ladies' room or wherever, I see that I look disheveled, and I am supremely confident that disheveled = hot. Which tends to be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.


So, I am back from a hectic trip to Atlanta, then a 2-day gap, then Durham, NC, then Our Nation's Capitol, which I had not visited prior to this trip. R. (who will be known from here on out as Pirate, because "Arr," and also because it's her daughter's current favorite type of bandit) and I try to see Tori Amos as many times as is feasible whenever she tours - which meant a somewhat insane driving schedule to places I'd not driven before. Every time I go to Atlanta, I have to ask myself why I don't go more often - it's got a lot of the things I want in a city, even if it is too hot most of the time. I was disorganized getting there, and I was a half-hour late for the show, but what I did see was very good. She did a bunch of stuff off the new record at that show, and I'm just not that into the new one, but I never get tired of hearing Precious Things, and she apparently never gets tired of playing it.

As it turns out, Durham is charming, DC is beautiful, and Virginia is almost as good as the Pacific Northwest for green splendor. Tori was amazing - Durham was the best performance, but we had 5th row seats in DC and she was clearly very happy to be back in a place that has a lot of memories for her. Before the show in DC, we met up with someone we've both known online for years. Pirate is actually friends with her; I just know who she is. She was very close to someone (now dead) who really disliked me for unclear reasons, so I was a little uncomfortable going into the situation. However, it all turned out fine, and we all achieved tipsiness and enjoyed ourselves. Also, there was blackberry pie.

I would love to go back to DC and stay for at least a couple of weeks so that I could make a good effort at seeing the museums. It would also be possible to take a day trip or two to see other places I've always wanted to visit - Baltimore, for one. As a big fan of Homicide in its day, and then an even bigger fan of The Wire, I think I'm probably fairly right-sized about the glamor (or lack thereof) that Baltimore has to offer, but I'd like to see it anyway.

I was pretty loopy from driving so much in such a short period of time. Pirate lives in Knoxville and after I dropped her off there, I headed west for Nashvegas...and at the split I headed south instead of west and got halfway to Chattanooga before I realized what I had done. Eventually, I did make it home and had an emotional reunion with the dogs. The Mr. and I were also glad to see one another.

Something I miss about writing fanfiction is that whenever I traveled, I could say where I'd be, and people who liked my writing would clamor to meet up, often travelilng some distance themselves. I never liked it when people would treat me like a rock star instead of a friend, but I miss being a part of a subculture where meetups were practically mandatory when visiting new places. From this you can infer that if I ever mention that I'm coming to a place you either live or would also like to visit, I would be happy to meet you if you are interested.

I am continuing to make stuff for Sims 2 and hope to post a big project soonish. I will probably pretend I'm still mostly not here until I've finished this up. Taking a semi-break from playing and wasting time online (not all of it is a waste, but a fair bit really is...) has been rather refreshing.

Too much typing, not enough drinking. My ice has all melted.


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