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So, I realized that there were a ton of people saying that the pirate versions of the big cages I (vindictively) posed on GoS don't show up, and I don't know why, and it's easier to make my own version instead of trying to fix Thiefperson's version. I've made an open one and a closed one, master/slaved, and it has a slot in the very middle for a posed sim or whatever. All I need to fix is catalog placement - they're in massively different parts of the deco catalog.

The bar is based on a photograph from an antiques site. It turned out really well, except the labels on the bottles are backwards. Now, I could go in and re-map them...or I could just reverse them on the texture map, which is almost positively what I will actually do. But that needs to be done.

Finally, the Moroccan shelf. I added 4 slots to a cloned table, for a total of 5 slots. The entire time I was working on the mesh, all I cared about was the shape and getting the polys under 1000, which I did (962, iirc) and didn't really consider the shelf spacing, so only small things fit, but - I ADDED SLOTS! The only thing this needs is to have the second recolor redone since for some reason it isn't working and it's easier to redo it than to mess with it.

And this is a sort of peek at something I had been planning for quite some time. I made the mistake of suggesting circus for a GoS montlhly theme. It was met with great enthusiasm and was ultimately chosen, much to my horror. I had been confident that we'd have an apocalyptic theme, so confident that I'd already started meshing my apocalyptic ideas, and was embarrassed to be completely unprepared to address my own suggestion with actual downloads.

The tents were actually pretty much done on time, but I got sick and missed the end of the month and I was still dithering with the horse headdress things. There had been a lot more stuff uploaded than I'd expected, so I didn't feel as bad about it as I might have. Since I did blow the deadline, I have been working on more stuff for the set off and on ever since. No particular ETA on this stuff. There's quite a bit more than pictured, but I was too lazy to make an elaborate set.

Click for larger

I probably shouldn't have been surprised at the massive outflux of players from TS2 to TS3, but I am surprised at how many creators seem to have just stopped creating entirely - and there seem to be a lot  who are still playing TS2, but not making TS2 stuff because supposedly no one wants it. Boredom or disinterest is one thing, but thinking that no one wants it - that's just not true. I want it :P

Oh, and I didn't make the horse. That's dragonslave's horse from MTS2. And, yes, I made 10 headdresses, one for each pose. Because I'm an OCD fool, that's why.

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When I make a deco object for the game, I don't clone a game file to make a mesh. I clone another clone - a clone of a basegame file (the Musee Public vases, to be exact) that has been tweaked, stripped and/or dismantled, depending on what I'm making. The few times I've tried to explain my methods to others, I either am absolutely not making myself clear, or my time- and frustration-saving shortcut really is a more unique idea than I would have imagined, especially so late in the life of the game. No doubt plenty of other people have made their own versions of these files, but I've never seen anything like this posted anywhere, so I decided I'd share.

Anyway, I posted my base clones at GoS, as well as a tutorial on how to use the regular and slave versions to make repositoried deco objects. It's not a new repository method by any means, but it's a big shortcut. I hadn't really thought about it until now, but a quick tutorial on just making deco crap using these (no need to figure out which game object to clone) might get more people making stuff since it's too fucking easy if you don't have to mess around trying to pick out a game mesh with the same placement and number of subsets that you need. All you have to do is click on things, and you don't need any brain at all. Well, maybe a little bit of brain, but just a very little.


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