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nixy ([personal profile] nixy) wrote2009-10-16 10:29 pm

vindication of Charlie*

Well, that sucks. And I'm both angry and a little embarrassed. I just got a C&D letter from the Ugly Doll people about, of course, the 3D ugly dolls I made to stick in the Sims game. I only emailed them to let them know I'd done it back in January (the same day they were posted), and it's taken them 10 months to notice my egregious infringements? Feh.

So I'll need to take the links to the files down from both GoS and my site. If you've got them, I guess you're supposed to destroy them and pretend you never saw them. I'm going to email them back to make my case, but I already know that it will be pointless. Apparently, my unauthorized use will result in overseas companies producing oodles of knock-off toys. No, really, it will.

*an annoying troll who wanted to fight about intellectual property with me at the time I posted the UDs.

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