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I feel pretty. Yesterday, I finally went and got my hair done so it looks right - nay, it looks GLORIOUS! - and I no longer look colorless and negligible, but instead dramatically pale and compelling. I saw a new hair person, a friend of a friend, who did the color the way I wanted it - which ought to be the norm, rather than something I'm all excited about, I know - and charges less than the previous stylist (although it's still enough for a year's worth of Super Cuts, so not exactly a bargain). However, I think the Mr. and I are in agreement that the resultant mood swing upward goes a long way toward justifying the cost. There is no picture as yet because I am lazy and need to charge up my camera battery.

I put off going on semi-regular beautification jags when I began having annoying health problems that kept me essentially housebound a couple of summers back. When I took care of one health issue, I had another, and then another... and it just seemed stupid to spend a lot of money on my hair when, for instance, I was going to be lying on the couch with my foot elevated for three months. However, in retrospect, I probably should have done it anyway because it makes me feel better, and it's possible I wouldn't have been sick so often and so easily if I wasn't dissatisfied every time I looked in the mirror.


I'm missing Sadie today, in part because she's the friend who referred me to the new hair chick. Yes, this is  the paragraph where I ramble about someone none of the possible readers know. I do hope that she will move back to Nashville eventually, but in the meantime, I'm pestering the Mr. to figure out when he wants to take a week off in June to fly out to see her in San Francisco. My experience of San Francisco to date has been the airport and a single freezing-cold, fogged-in afternoon being driven around a dumpy area on the outskirts of town trying to locate a particular shop (which, when located, was not the treasure trove that had been anticipated), so I'm eager to give it another, more comprehensive chance. Depending on her schedule, it would be fun to go up to Portland and spend a couple of days - a large portion of at least one day to be spent at Powell's.

I have considered and rejected the idea of going as far north as Seattle. There are people there I'd like to meet in person someday, if possible, but I don't want to see anyone from my family. They wouldn't even know I was there, but I'd still feel guilty, guilty, guilty about not contacting them if I was in the area.

Having suggested the theme that ended up being chosen for the GoS monthly thing, I feel obligated to do something grand, or at least grandiose. I was all prepared to make stuff for the theme I was certain would win, but instead am scrambling to figure out exactly how I want to go about constructing various objects that have unexpectedly rocketed to the top of meshing queue. I have a couple of circusy things that were coded by katy76 but meshed by others, and I want to improve on (IMO);the meshes, and those are my fallback projects should my other ideas crash and burn, or if I run out of time, or am otherwise floundering.

I have ideas and detailed stories for a whole host of themed characters, but that doesn't change the fact that I really don't like doing anything in bodyshop. My my ideas require lots of recoloring that I don't actually want to do It's not that I can't, but that it's no fun and seems incredibly difficult compared to anything to do with objects. That just isn't true, I know, at least as far as recoloring and simple coding to link meshes and skintones are concerned, but it just seems absolutely grueling and miserable and it's obviously not going to happen, even with the mood boost secondary to newly-glorious hair.

Enough babble. Time to try the crossposting thing...

ETA: I like the idea of the rich text editor  - which was introduced during my loooong break from LJ - but the damn thing doesn't work most of the time. Probably associated with this, the formatting of LJ code changed, as well. I feel inept far out of proportion with the importance of getting LJ entries right the first time, every time.

ETA2: I was going to post this locked, but realized I haven't added practically anyone to the list. If you're using a different name here than on LJ or GoS or wherever, I  may not know who you are, so it would be nice if you would drop me a comment (here is as good as any place) so I can integrate your various aspects in my head.

ETA3: I couldn't take it any more. I customized in a half-assed way, with colors pulled from my site. Graphics will have to wait, but at least there's chromatic consistency between my online places.
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